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Webinar: FOSS License Management through aliens4friends in Eclipse Oniro

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Welcome to another OpenChain Webinar. This time our speakers are Alberto Pianon and Carlo Piana from ARRAY. They are presenting the Open Source Management concept of Eclipse Oniro and explaining how deeper insights on the identification of the FOSS components and their respective license metadata can be uncovered via the audit policies for Oniro. This webinar is part of a series by the OpenChain Automation Workgroup to provide insight into good practices for community-based IP audits. These good practices will be used to align on a community-wide approach for metadata curation as base for sharing FOSS License Management Data.

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More About Our Webinars:

This event is part of the overarching OpenChain Project Webinar Series. Our series highlights knowledge from throughout the global OpenChain eco-system. Participants are discussing approaches, processes and activities from their experience, providing a free service to increase shared knowledge in the supply chain. Our goal, as always, is to increase trust and therefore efficiency. No registration or costs involved. This is user companies producing great informative content for their peers.

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This is OpenChain Webinar #58, released on 2024-01-31.

Webinar: Generative AI and Your Code

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Maximizing the Opportunity While Managing the Risks

Generative AI (GAI) provides powerful opportunities for innovation and productivity across all organizational functions – from composing emails and crafting press releases to retouching and refining images and video, all this in seconds.  GAI tools can even be used to write, test and improve computer code!  This comes with risks that need to be managed within your organization, in order to realize the competitive advantage these GAI tools can provide.

In this webinar, Anthony Decicco and Wael Nackasha, attorneys at GTC Law Group:

  • Provide an introduction to GAI and its use to generate software code, text, and images
  • Explain how machines learn, including training data and the resulting models
  • Cover how developers are using GAI tools (such as GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT) to write and augment source code, with a focus on:
    • A ‘demo’ of how the tools work
    • The community reactions and recent litigation
    • The benefits and risks of the tools
    • Ways to mitigate the risks
    • Best practices for policies and procedures

This webinar had a poll about areas of interest around AI and law. Click here to access it.

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About Our Speakers

Anthony Decicco

Tony is a member in GTC’s IP Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Business & Technology Transactions groups. He focuses on mergers and acquisitions, strategic development of patent portfolios, valuing and commercializing intellectual property assets, and licensing and other technology-related transactions. In addition, Tony founded and oversees the firm’s Open Source Compliance and Due Diligence practice and has extensive experience advising clients regarding the use of open source software. He has reviewed the results of literally thousands of code scans.

Tony is also the Co-Lead of GTC’s Artificial Intelligence practice and has counseled clients regarding traditional AI/ML (i.e. algorithmic/rules-based) for many years and has more recently focused on generative AI. He specializes in data set licensing and strategies for acquiring and collecting data, developing patent portfolios focused on AI inventions and applications of AI technologies, developing AI-related contract terms, risk assessment and mitigation, and related policies and guidelines, in respect of using AI to generate and test software code and the intersections between open source software and AI.  Tony is the co-chair of the AI & Cloud Computing sector of the Licensing Executives Society.

Tony’s clients range from individual inventors to Fortune 100 companies. Given his extensive experience on both the buy and sell sides of mergers and acquisitions, patent purchases/sales and IP/technology licensing transactions, he is a trusted advisor to clients on all sides of the table. For acquirers, a key strength is his ability to leverage this experience to quickly identify and assess IP-related risks. On the sell side, this experience translates to grooming clients and positioning IP assets to maximize value and minimize issues during rigorous due diligence.

Prior to joining GTC, Tony was a member of the IP & Technology, Internet & E-Commerce and M&A practice groups at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom. He has research and professional experience in a diverse range of fields, including patent valuation, law and economics, molecular evolution, apoptosis, and lipid biochemistry. Tony holds an Honors B.Sc. in Biochemistry from McMaster University, an M.A. in Economics and a J.D., both from the University of Toronto, where he was a law review editor. He is admitted to practice in Massachusetts, New York, Ontario, and before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (with Limited Recognition).

Wael Louis Nackasha

Wael focuses on M&A due diligence and technology-related transactional matters. Wael specializes in open source software licenses, commercial licenses, strategic and commercially-sensitive NDAs, and IP strategy advice. Wael also has deep technical knowledge in machine learning. Before joining GTC, Wael was an Associate at Ridout and Maybee LLP where he drafted and prosecuted patents for various technologies, including electrical, machine learning, blockchain, telecommunication, and computer-related technology, before both the USPTO and CIPO.

Before becoming a technology attorney, Wael was a research scientist and software programmer for several years. He published scientific papers in conferences and journals in machine learning, biometrics, computer vision, signal and image processing, and statistical signal processing. Wael holds a J.D. from Osgoode Hall Law School, and a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto with a dissertation focused on artificial intelligence.

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This is OpenChain Webinar #56, released on 2024-09-14.

Webinar: Understanding InnerSource

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This webinar was lead by Clare Dillon, the Executive Director of InnerSource Commons, and it highlighted the activities and value behind the InnerSource movement. InnerSource is the use of open source best practices for software development within the confines of an organization. Understanding this has become a key part of business strategy for forward-looking organizations.

Two Resource Flagged By Our Speaker

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This is OpenChain Webinar #55, released on 2024-07-27.

Webinar: Complexities of Open Source in Automotive

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During our recent OpenChain Automotive Event we had some excellent talks. One that we decided to pull out of the main recording and release solo is ‘Complexities of Open Source in Automotive’ by Russ Eling. This type of high level overview is an excellent starting point for people in complex manufacturing industries that want to use our open source standards for licensing and security.

About Russ and OSS Consultants

OSS Consultants is an official OpenChain Partner with decades of experience. Russ at OSS Consultants has offered his time to speak with anyone that has questions about managing use of open source – even if it is as simple as how to get started on your open source journey. Simply send an email to to schedule a time.

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This is OpenChain Webinar #54, released on 2023-07-04.

Webinar: OpenSCA

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This webinar highlights a new open source tool for open source compliance and security that originates in China. This tool was created by a company called XMIRROR. The open source CLI offers SPDX support, so is immediate interest to tooling communities around the world, particularly from the perspective of integration with open source tooling frontend solutions.

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This is OpenChain Webinar #53, released on 2023-06-29.

Webinar: Trusted Network Initiative

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This webinar covers a proposal from the Okinawa Open Labs in Japan to help “label” items in the supply chain to increase trust. Our topic was the Trusted Network Introduction – Eco-system based Open Trust Chaining over existing value-chain and supply-chain, and the presenter was MASANORI TSUJIKAWA (辻川公章) from Alaxala. 

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This is OpenChain Webinar #52, released on 2023-06-16.

Webinar: An Update On ClearlyDefined

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This webinar features an update on ClearlyDefined by Nick Vidal at the Open Source Initiative (OSI). A lot has happened since we last covered this project for open source metadata, including the move to a new home at OSI.

About The Project

ClearlyDefined and its parent organization, the Open Source Initiative, are on a mission to help FOSS projects thrive by being clearly defined. Lack of clarity around licenses and security vulnerabilities reduces engagement – that means fewer users, fewer contributors and a smaller community.

As such, the goals of the project are to:

  • Raise awareness about this challenge within FOSS project teams
  • Automatically harvest data from projects
  • Make it easy for anyone to contribute missing information
  • Crowd-source the curation of these contributions
  • Feed curated contributions back to the original projects

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This is OpenChain Webinar #51, released on 2023-04-26.

Webinar: An Overview of SPDX 3.0

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This webinar features Alexios Zavras, Chief Open Source Compliance Officer at Intel Corporation and a long-term friend and collaborator around the OpenChain Project. This time the topic was SPDX 3.0, a significant generational update to SPDX, a sister standard to OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230 and OpenChain ISO/IEC DIS 18974.

SPDX is a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) specification, so it operates one layer down from the fundamental processes outlined by OpenChain’s standards, and it provides an excellent way to meet our requirements for an SBOM to be used by companies. The second generation of SPDX has been an ISO/IEC standard for two years as ISO/IEC 5962. The third generation shows interesting promise as a way to manage license compliance, security and more.

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This is OpenChain Webinar #50, released on 2023-04-31.

Webinar: FOSDEM Recap

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This OpenChain Webinar featured a FOSDEM recap by Philippe Ombredanne of NexB for everyone who did not attend the event in Belgium at the start of 2023. In 2023 FOSDEM had over 8,000 participants and 771 presentations, making it one of the largest open source events in the world by a large margin. This webinar will be of particular interest to people exploring open source tooling for open source compliance or security.

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This is OpenChain Webinar #49, released on 2023-03-07.