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OpenChain Project – Monthly North America and Europe Call – July – Full Recording

We held our regular Monthly North America and Europe Call this week. The focus was on discussing the Public Comment period for our draft proposed updates to the licensing and security specifications.

Check Out The Recording

We keep all the slides from our monthly calls online and they can be a useful way to access direct links and more details:

Overview of the Public Comment Period

OpenChain Project Announces Public Comment Period for Draft Updates to Compliance and Security Specifications

Starting 2024-06-19 ~ Ending 2024-12-19

The OpenChain Project has announced the beginning of its six month Public Comment Period for proposed draft updates to the open source license compliance (ISO/IEC 5230:2020) and open source security assurance (ISO/IEC 18974:2023) specifications.

As per our specification development process outlined in the project FAQ, this Public Comment Period will run for six months, and it will be followed by a three month Freeze Period.

During the Public Comment Period everyone is invited to review and comment on the specifications. As an open project developing open standards, we host the draft documents on our GitHub repositories.

Learn More:

You can comment on this process by joining our monthly calls or via our Specification Mailing list. You can also leave comments via GitHub issues as detailed below.