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OpenChain AI Study Group – Monthly Workshop for North America and Europe – 2024-04-02 – Full Recording

On the 2nd of April the OpenChain AI Study Group continued its monthly AI workshop series to deep dive into the topic of AI compliance in the supply chain with experts from Qualcomm and Arm, and a chance for all parties who dial-in to ask questions or share ideas. On this call we narrowed down the focus area with a concluding decision to refine the discussion by taking the content of ISO 5230 and seeing what level of overlap there is with AI supply chain compliance. This is being done to potentially develop a proposal to the Governing Board to:

  • Turn into a work group;
  • Write a reference guide on the topic to explain the identified shared areas of concern.

Track This Work

You can follow and contribute to the work of the OpenChain AI Study Group through its dedicated mailing list. This is open to everyone regardless of industry vertical or speciality. You will find it here:

Watch The Previous Meeting

The first Workshop to deep-dive into this topic and consolidate ideas was held on the 6th of March 2024:

Attend Future Meetings

You can find and get the dial-in details for all future AI Study Group meetings from our participate page here: