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Outcomes of the Special OpenChain AI Workshop – 2024-03-06

On the 6th of March the OpenChain AI Study Group held a special AI workshop instead of the regular AI call. It provided an opportunity to deep dive into the topic with experts from Qualcomm and Arm, and a chance to ask questions or share ideas. The idea was to fold in the ideas shared thus far and seek a single coherent narrative.

Please note, at the request of attendees, this meeting was held under Chatham House Rule, and therefore a recording is not being shared.

The Formal Agenda:

– Opening comments (Dave and Matthew)
– AI Model supply chain issues (Brian)
— Use cases in context of regulatory backdrop
— Open vs. Proprietary
— War stories
— Roundtable
– Dataset supply chain issues (Jeff)
— Use cases and pragmatic practices
— Open vs. Proprietary
— War stories
— Roundtable
– Possible Solutions – how can OpenChain best provide value to the ecosystem (All)
– Closing (Dave and Matthew)

The Outcomes

It was decided that following meetings would:
– Work through key use cases
— Start with LLM – text to text as a first hypothetical
– Work through the Huggingface Model Card example
— Initial focus will be on what can one should supply when delivering and what one wants to see when receiving

Track This Work

You can follow and contribute to the work of the OpenChain AI Study Group through its dedicated mailing list. This is open to everyone regardless of industry vertical or speciality. You will find it here:

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