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CIC is the latest Official OpenChain Partner

China Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (CIC) is the latest official OpenChain Partner. They will help companies in China with process development and compliance scanning activities.

“China Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team ( CIC ) is delighted to become an official partner of the OpenChain Project,” said Huang Yunhua, deputy director of the CIC’s Institute of Intellectual Property. “OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230 stipulates key requirements for a high-quality open source license compliance program, which can effectively improve the level of open source supply chain security governance services. We will actively promote the application of OpenChain standards in the field of industrial and information safety, provide services for the domestic open source ecology and related enterprises, and build a more reliable open source software supply chain.”

“The OpenChain Project welcomes CIC to the official partner community today,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “This is an important development in strengthening the provision of ISO 5230 and ISO 18974 services in the Chinese market, and it is also an important development in terms of building event more bridges between China and other parts of the global supply chain. As a leader in the open source market, China and Chinese companies are critical to good governance in what we do. Our next steps together will help make open source more effective and more valuable for everyone involved.”

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