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OpenChain Welcomes CARIAD to the Governing Board

CARIAD, the wholly-owned division of VW Group creating advanced software for future vehicles, has joined the Governing Board of the OpenChain Project as a Platinum Member.

Helio Chissini de Castro, who will be representing CARIAD on the OpenChain Governing Board, is a familiar face to many in the OpenChain Project. He was previously our board member for BMW and is currently our co-chair of the Specification Work Group. As an old hand at Linux and other open technologies, Helio brings immense practical experience about open source and business management to the table.


CARIAD is the software powerhouse of Volkswagen Group. Its mission: to bundle and further expand the software competencies of the Volkswagen Group. Mobility made easy. For everyone. Software driven. With a focus on the digital experience and automated driving, CARIAD is building the leading tech stack for the automotive industry. Aiming to create a new automotive experience and increase the innovation speed of Volkswagen Group to make the car a digital companion. The software-defined vehicle powered by CARIAD is a crucial contribution to the success of the Group’s NEW AUTO strategy.