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OpenChain Monthly Meeting 2023-02-21 (North America and Asia) – Recording

Our latest monthly meeting for North America / Asia continues where we left off on the North America / Europe call earlier this month (see The focus was work around the next generation of the Security Assurance Specification.

Watch Our Meeting

On this call we addressed the following issues with the Security Assurance Specification 2.0 Draft:

  1. We prepared and refined definitions of remediation and mitigation:
  2. We included “remediation” and “mitigation” in Section 3.1.5:
  3. We included “mitigation” in Section 3.3.2:
  4. We clarified the “Get Customer” requirement in Section 3.3.2 to make the logic clearer:

All of the issues appear “done” but naturally you can access, review and reopen on GitHub. We will also be speaking about these topics on the next call for North America / Europe on the 1st Tuesday of March. See our Global Calendar for the precise schedule:

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