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TIMETOACT GROUP Offers Open Source Certification Based On ISO/IEC 5230

IT company deepens partnership with OpenChain Project and expands open source software offering.

TIMETOACT GROUP is now an official third-party certifier for the ISO/IEC 5230 standard managed by OpenChain, enabling it to offer official certifications in addition to consulting services on open source license compliance. With the deepening of the partnership between OpenChain and TIMETOACT, customers have even more choice around services available for open source software.

The use of open source software – just like proprietary software – is based on various license terms. It is important to maintain these requirements in order to ensure smooth business operations and avoid conflicts with third parties. The OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230 international standard aims to identify the key requirements for a high-quality open source license compliance program. It enables companies to reduce their risk potential by adapting the standard through self-certification, independent assessment or third-party certification such as TIMETOACT GROUP. Within TIMETOACT GROUP, ARS software engineering specialists provide the certifications.

“We are happy to join OpenChain’s certifier network, thus providing companies of all sizes and industries with the critical components for successful open source compliance programs. This partnership grants our customers added value through the opportunity to obtain the OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230 certification seal,“ says Simon Pletschacher, Manager IT Performance Strategy at TIMETOACT GROUP.

“We are delighted to welcome TIMETOACT GROUP to our comprehensive network of certifiers, allowing us to provide companies of all sizes and industries with easy access to the essential components of superior open source compliance programs,“ says Shane Coughlan, General Manager OpenChain.


TIMETOACT GROUP modernizes and integrates IT applications for upper mid-sized companies and corporations in order to increase their agility, efficiency and transparency. For innovative customers, TIMETOACT GROUP also develops and implements digital business models and opens up new market opportunities.

Services include: Consulting, Cloud Transformation, Data, Software and Systems Engineering in the area of Employee Experience, Business Applications and Customer Experience.

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About OpenChain

The OpenChain Project has an extensive global community that involves thousands of companies collaborating to make the supply chain quicker, more effective and more efficient. We do this by maintaining ISO/IEC 5230:2020, the International Standard for open source license compliance, and our Security Assurance Reference Specification. We also have a large global community where knowledge is shared to reduce friction and increase efficiency across all aspects of open source process management.

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