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Google Announces ISO/IEC 5230:2020 Conformant Program

By 2022-12-06January 5th, 2023Featured, News

Google, an OpenChain Governing Board member and early adopter of the first generation OpenChain standard for open source license compliance, has announced formal adoption of ISO/IEC 5230, the International Standard for open source license compliance.

“Google has been at the forefront of open source development and the compliant use of open source from its earliest days,” says Hilary Richardson,  Open Source Attorney at Google. “The Google Open Source Programs Office prides itself on bringing the best of open source to Google and the best of Google to open source. Responsible use of open source includes respecting developers through compliant use of their code. Google’s participation in the OpenChain project is an important part of supporting industry maturity and predictability in open source compliance.”

“Google has long been a driver of the OpenChain Project, and has been pivotal in the development and granting of ISO/IEC 5230,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “Their conformance announcement aligns their OpenChain program with our shared industry norm, and serves as inspiration for the cloud supply chain and beyond.”

About the OpenChain Project

The OpenChain Project has an extensive global community that involves thousands of companies collaborating to make the supply chain quicker, more effective and more efficient. We work together to create trust between entities around open source. Our job is to increase trust in the open source supply chain. We do this by maintaining ISO/IEC 5230:2020, the International Standard for open source license compliance, and our Security Assurance Reference Specification. We also have a large global community where knowledge is shared to reduce friction and increase efficiency across all aspects of open source process management.

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About The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is the world’s largest non-profit connecting global technical experts, and providing them with a neutral and trusted platform to develop open source projects. Founded in 2000 as the home of the Linux Kernel, the Linux Foundation has grown to host hundreds of open source projects, with a community spanning 2,950+ members, 540,000+ contributing developers, and 19,000+ contributing companies.

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