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Congratulations Fukuchi San!

Fukuchi San of Sony, one of the key people behind the OpenChain Japan Work Group, has received the ‘NAOPF OSS award 2022‘ from the Japan OSS Promotion Forum. This award was announced on the 24th of November 2022 during the 20th Northeast Asia OSS Promotion Forum.

Fukuchi San is one of the founders of the OpenChain Japan Work Group and has been a tireless contributor to both the local and international community for many years. His formal resume is on LinkedIn ( but his most important resume is visible across his community contributions on our calls, mailing lists and elsewhere.

The OpenChain Project is driven by the community around it, and figures like Fukuchi San have been critical to building the energy and atmosphere to help people work together. His award is well-deserved and is a welcome example of how contributions are acknowledged by the broader open source ecosystem.

Thank you Fukuchi San!

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