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OpenChain Automotive Work Group – Next Meeting 2022-11-11 07:00 UTC (16:00 JST)

The OpenChain Automotive Work Group will host its next meeting as a virtual event on the 11th of November between 16:00-17:00 JST (2022-11-11 07:00 UTC). Everyone is welcome and there is no need to register. We will host the meeting in our usual Zoom room:

Draft Agenda

(1) Introductions
(2) Automotive news in 2022
(3) IP news relevant to industry
(4) Developments in OpenChain 
– Security Assurance Spec enters ISO in October
– License Compliance Spec entering review in October
– Company Playbooks (Small, Medium, Big)
– New conformance support (online, checklists)
(5) Discussion: What is missing to support the industry
(6) Discussion: Make plan to fill industry support gaps
(7) Discussion: Schedule for next steps
(8) Close of meeting

Questions and comments very welcome! You can contact us and also contribute to all our activities via the OpenChain Automotive Work Group mailing list: