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OpenChain IP Summit Survey Results

By 2022-06-01July 26th, 2022Featured, News

Ahead of the results of the main OpenChain Industry Survey 2022, we wanted to share the results of an earlier survey we held at the OpenChain IP Summit. We have twelve responses (around 22% of the audience).

These results include some interesting insights into company focus and evolution SBOM, OSPO/SCA collaboration, and the use of tooling.

Check the results out below.

Main interest:
33% Copyright
0% Patents
67% Copyright and Patents

Was this event directly relevant to your work?
100% Yes

Is tooling (automaton) something critical to your work?
92% Yes
8% No

Is the use of SBOM a reality for your supply chain today?
67% Yes
17% No
17% Partially

Does your OSPO collaborate closely with your SCA team?
67% Yes
0% No
25% Not Applicable

Do you collaborate with other companies to share SCA, SBOM or tooling approaches?
25% Yes
33% No
42% To a limited extent