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External: CAICT Releases Open Source Compliance Guidelines (中文 / Chinese)

By 2022-05-29July 26th, 2022Featured, News

Sometimes people worry that open source compliance is going to be difficult or expensive. This is a valid concern but it is also one we can quickly address. Open source has been used commercially for decades. All the expensive learning has been completed around licensing, and it is being shared by organizations around the world. After all, our goal is contribution, and cheap, effective compliance is part of that.

This guide from CAICT contains some open source compliance guidelines to help you get started. Think of it as a lighthouse to help guide your journey. The experience contained here will save you time and money. Most importantly, it will open more doors (and more code) to accelerate your products and your innovation.

— Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager

Learn More and Get the Guide: