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OpenChain Japan Work Group Meeting #18 (Virtual Meeting #5), March 17, 2021

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(All times JST)

Newbies Session
   14:00 –15:00
   Orientation by K. Owada

All member meeting
   15:00 –15:02 Opening
   15:02 –15:10 Keynote by Shane Coughlan
   15:10 –15:20 AboutOpenChain Japan WGby M. Endo
   15:20 –16:00 Introduction to outcome of Japan WG
       FAQ by Y Ouchi
       Education by Y. Iwata
       Leaflet by N. Kobota
       Tooling by T. Ninjouji
       License Info. by S. Koizumi
       Promotion by M. Endo
       Lightning Talk by S. Kato
   16:00 Closing


Zoom – No Registration Required. One click entry:
   Meeting ID: 99975267803
   Password: ,:Lx=#^1