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OpenChain Global Work Team Meeting 2020-02-22

By 2021-02-25Featured

We are doing a lot of editing. Here is what we are working on:

  • We want to close the comments on this Word document to create our new free online training course on edX. We currently have a lot of suggestions around parts 1~4 and need suggestions around parts 5~8. Please review and add notes to help us make this happen for late March delivery!!AsXJVqby5kpnkRE0rsGzo5lduvaq?e=t0aEs5
  • We want to improve our one-slide overview for the purpose of putting it into our supplier “Introduction to OpenChain” slide deck:!AsXJVqby5kpnkRmAupkc3JkJP7ni
  • We want to review the supplier “Introduction to OpenChain” slide deck to consider refinements to language to make it super clear and simple for organizations completely new to OpenChain:!AsXJVqby5kpnkRUxneDgBQMWIUmx
  • Finally, we want to update two specific areas of our general project overview slides. The first, slide 22, is about explaining the place of OpenChain in the eco-system. What is the best way to visualize this? The second is to review the project summary language on slide 26 to consider if it fits your mental model of how we should be summarized:!AsXJVqby5kpnkRbTu0pv0Jgb0aAQ

If we get all this together we will have the perfect package to hand to suppliers and other interested parties to onboard them into our ecosystem.