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Open Source Security is the Latest OpenChain Conformant Company

By 2020-08-31Featured

Open Source Security, the company behind grsecurity – a security enhancement to the Linux kernel – has announced an OpenChain conformant program.

“While Open Source Security, Inc. has always taken license compliance seriously and involved highly-qualified legal counsel in drafting our company’s policies in compliance with those licenses, we recently became aware of the OpenChain project and its efforts in formalizing compliance practices within organizations using and improving Free and Open Source software,” says Bradley Spengler, President at Open Source Security. “Having verifiable documentation of our operating and review procedures became top of mind for us as we embark on expanding our operations. Formalizing the policies to include licenses and activities we are not yet involved in left us prepared for the future and was well-received by the team, particularly our junior staff.  We thank the OpenChain project for providing a well-thought-out, comprehensive, and accessible standard to help organizations formalize and communicate their compliance practices.”

“The OpenChain industry standard is designed to help companies in all sectors address the issue of process management around the exceptional potential of open source,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “It is great to welcome Open Source Security into the fold with the announcement of another OpenChain conformant program. We look forward to future collaboration as our standard is increasingly adopted in their domain.”

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