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OpenChain Welcomes BMW CarIT GmbH As The Latest Platinum Member

By 2020-07-09Featured

The OpenChain Project welcomes BMW CarIT GmbH as our 20th Platinum Member. BMW CarIT GmbH joins the governing board of the project ahead of our expected completion of the ISO process in September 2020. Their knowledge, support and expertise is expected to be an invaluable component of the next steps in adoption of the industry standard for open source compliance.

“BMW CarIT GmbH provides tremendous knowledge in the automotive space both in Europe and globally,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “Working alongside existing board members such as Toyota, Bosch and Panasonic, BMW CarIT GmbH is poised to help ensure that the automotive supply chain adopts the standard for open source compliance in a smooth, effective manner. We look forward to working with suppliers throughout the world on our continued mission of education, support and collaboration in effective open source governance.”

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