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Joint Development Foundation recognized as an ISO/IEC JTC 1 PAS submitter and submits OpenChain for international review

By 2020-05-20Featured

In the last few days Linux Foundation has publicly announced Joint Development Foundation (JDF) as an ISO/IEC JTC 1 PAS submitter and provided more information on how JDF will support OpenChain and other specifications to become ISO standards moving forward. This is an extremely important media inflection point for our community and for the broader global collaborations creating effective, adopted and mature de facto standards.

While the basic news is not new to the OpenChain community (you know we are using JDF to submit a ISO standard and you know that OpenChain is the first standard going this route), blog posts by The Linux Foundation and the media coverage is very useful for helping to explain our work to others. Some key excerpts below.

“This week, we are proud to announce that the Joint Development Foundation (JDF), which became part of the Linux Foundation family in 2019, has been accepted as an ISO/IEC JTC 1 PAS (“Publicly Available Specification”) Submitter. The OpenChain Specification is the first specification submitted for JTC 1 review and recognition as an international standard. The JDF was formed to simplify the process of creating new technical specification collaboration efforts.  Standards and specifications are vitally important for the creation or advancement of new technologies, ensuring that the resulting products are well defined, provide predictable performance and that different implementations can interoperate with one another.”

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We have seen some great media coverage. One of the best articles can be found in Linux Insider. A key quotation below:

“JDF projects now have a clear path from open source project or specification to an internationally recognized standard. The OpenChain specification is JDF’s first standard to be submitted. The OpenChain standard is a specification that identifies the key requirements of an open source compliance program. It is designed to build trust between companies in the supply chain while reducing internal resource costs. The outcome is increased trust and consistency in open source software across the supply chain. International standardization will help to guide the evolution of the OpenChain Specification from de facto to de jure standard, a process that will assist procurement, sales and other departments to engage with OpenChain-related activities, according to [Seth Newberry, executive director of the JDF].”

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Finally, if you are wondering why OpenChain is talking about this PR now, about seven days from release, the answer is pretty simple. I (Shane Coughlan, General Manager) wanted to check out the media coverage and select the most concise, clearly messaged article to share. I believe this blog post and mailing list post, and the links it references, provide an excellent on-boarding point for a wider audience. People in procurement. People in sales. People in marketing. Please do share this message.

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