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OpenChain Japan Work Group – Online Meeting – April 23rd at 1pm Tokyo Time

By 2020-04-20Featured

The OpenChain Japan Work Group will host an online meeting on the 23rd of April. This meeting will feature reports from six of the sub-groups and will have plenty of time for questions or comments. This meeting will be held in the Japanese language and is open to everyone.

開催日: 2020年4月23日(木)
場所:  Zoom(SocioNextさんのご厚意にて利用予定)
時間:  午後1時~3時30分(暫定)を予定。
内容:  各サブグループの活動内容紹介
     Promotion subgroup
     FAQ subgroup
     Leaflet subgroup
     Education subgroup
     License Info subgroup
     Tooling subgroup