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AlektoMetis is the Latest Partner of the OpenChain Project

By 2020-03-25Featured

The founders of AlektoMetis, Prof. Dr. Andreas Bärwald and Nicole Pappler have been closely connected to the OpenChain project for several years. After successfully creating and launching the OpenChain 3rd party certification during their time at the TÜV SÜD Group, they now continue to provide software centric consulting and assessment services with AlektoMetis.

“We are very happy to be a partner of the OpenChain project.” says Prof. Dr. Andreas Bärwald, CEO of AlektoMetis. “This will enable us to continue our longstanding successful partnership in our new professional home and to work with our customers and cooperation partners. Open Source related topics are of increasing importance for our customers. Considering that nowadays added value is implemented mainly by software, competence with respect to software becomes increasingly important to companies of all sizes and industries. Including open source licensed components allows companies to concentrate on the creation of value by their own intellectual property while relying on open source for standard tasks. This requires a suitable FOSS governance process in the companies. On the basis of OpenChain we can support our customers exactly here”.

“Building a trusted supply chain depends greatly on having trusted partners,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “We need to know that our fellow user companies have adopted or are adopting the key requirements of quality open source compliance programs. We need to know that there is reference material to help them in this process. Lastly, we need to know that there is strong support infrastructure to ensure they can get solid legal, professional and certification advice as needed. Nicole and Andreas have long had a substantial presence and contribution to the OpenChain Project on the latter point, and our new official partnership is another milestone in building out this international standard.”

“The OpenChain community is quite a welcoming and inspiring place and I’m really excited to be part of the OpenChain partner network, seeing it growing and looking for the time to come.” Says Nicole Pappler, AlektoMetis representative in the OpenChain project. “Both engineering, quality management and legal experts are working together to create guidance and clear criteria to enable the license compliant usage of and contribution to open source projects for every industry player, no matter what size and background. It will be my very pleasure to contribute to OpenChain to see the three pillars of OpenChain certification –  self certification, independent compliance assessment and 3rd party certification –  grow into a most useful policy in the supply and release chain.”

About AlektoMetis

AlektoMetis, founded in 2019, offers consulting and assessment services in the areas of functional safety, software quality and processes. The associated AlektoMetis Academy will offer extensive online and offline seminars starting in the second half of 2020. Nicole Pappler represents AlektoMetis in the open source working group of the German IT industry association Bitkom, where she is a member of the board. Furthermore AlektoMetis supports the German working group of the OpenChain project.

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