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OpenChain @ United Nations Technology Innovation Labs OS and IP Advisory Group

By 2020-01-28Featured

Shane Coughlan, the OpenChain General Manager, has been named a participant in the United Nations Technology Innovation Labs OS and IP Advisory Group. While he is formally contributing as an individual, a key aspect of his engagement will be focused on ensuring that the OpenChain standard for open source compliance is fully understood, and that our broader community interests are effectively communicated.

For reference, the proposed UNTIL licensing frameworks/models for identified use cases are to:

  1. Enable technology solutions sharing and transfer to and among Member States
  2. Enable sharing technology solutions with the wider UNTIL ecosystems and the general public
  3. Enable cooperation between the UN and relevant partners in utilizing UNTIL technology (possibly through service level agreement-based fee structures paid by users of the technology solution)
  4. Enable the promotion of proprietary technology solutions that are incubated in the labs through UNTIL assistance towards start-ups and commercial organizations
  5. Enable engagement with the Academia and the research world

The group meets by telephone and at physical venues on a quarterly basis.

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