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OpenChain – Third Party Webinar with the MIT Enterprise Forum on October 14th – Full recording

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On October 14th the MIT Enterprise Forum held a webinar entitled “Once Upon a Time in …Medical Device and Open Source Land.” In this webinar Alexander Adam, medical device expert and Principal at my Firm, medical device innovator, Navin Dewagan, and open source software expert, Matt Jacobs from Synopsys, Inc. discussed some of the effective and practical strategies to reap the benefits of open source software for medical devices, how to maximize the value of your patents and software innovations using open source licensing, and how patents are used in innovative ways to complement open source software. 

OpenChain Virtual Meeting Support – Open to All

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The OpenChain Project has a global community of organizations working together to make open source compliance faster, easier and more effective. We have local work teams in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India and Germany, as well as international work teams covering automotive, reference tooling and education.

With physical meetings on pause due to COVID-19 we are providing enhanced support for remote meetings to our work teams, to organizations and to people who want to make use of remote conferencing. Our Zoom room provides you with video chat for up to 100 people, screen sharing and other features to run meetings, webinars and round tables. There is no cost and there are no restrictions to use as long as the topic is open source compliance.

You can book a meeting at the link below. Each meeting slot is 30 minutes. Priority is for OpenChain meetings, so other compliance discussion bookings may be adjusted if there is overlap. We do not envision this happening often.

Schedule a Meeting

Please note: the organizer or host should schedule a meeting on our system and then invite their attendees separately. Our booking system is just for letting organizers know which slots are available. All meetings have video and audio recorded by our system for potential later review.

OpenChain @ Open Source Summit Japan – December 4th 2020

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The annual Open Source Summit Japan + Automotive Linux Summit will be held virtually December 2-4 on the Japan Standard Time Zone (UTC+09:00).

On December 4th at 9:40 Shane Coughlan (OpenChain, General Manager) will give a keynote on how OpenChain became the ISO/IEC International Standard for open source compliance.

This is the first formal International Standard to emerge from Linux Foundation in 14 years and the first International Standard fostered by the Joint Development Foundation. However, as the keynote will explain, it is far from the last.

Learn More About This Keynote

Learn More About The Event

OpenChain and FossID Webinar – OpenChain Post-ISO – 18th November – 9AM CET

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Shane Coughlan (OpenChain Project) and Foteini Papiri (FossID) will give a “State of the Union” of the International Standard for open source compliance and discuss how standards like this create business value. Webinar participants will learn about adoption of the OpenChain standard in any organization, how the community has used it so far, and where it fits into managing procurement across the supply chain in the future.

Register here:

OpenChain @ Open Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2020 – October 28 – 19:30 GMT

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On October 28th at 19:30 GMT Shane Coughlan will speak at Open Source Summit Europe 2020. His talk will explore the process of building and deploying the first Linux Foundation ISO standard in fourteen years in collaboration with the Joint Development Foundation. It will explain why the evolution from de facto industry standard to formal standardization was important for open source compliance in the context of areas like sales, procurement and M&A. 

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Check Out The Full Event Schedule

OpenChain Japan Work Group – Meeting #16 – Virtual Meeting #3 – October 15th – Full Recording

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The OpenChain Japan Work Group hosted its 16th meeting (3rd virtual meeting) at 2pm local time on the 15th of October. This meeting had a special focus on OpenChain Specification 2.0 by Watanabe San. Big thanks to Owada San for preparing our recordings.

Watch the Full Recording

Watch the lecture on OpenChain Specification 2.0

Just want the latest news? Check out the Keynote

14:00 – 14:05           Opening
14:05 – 14:10           Keynote Speech (Shane Coughlan)
14:10 – 14:15           About OpenChain & Japan WG (K. Owada)
14:15 – 14:20           About ISO Standardization of OpenChain & SPDX (H. Fukuchi)
14:20 – 14:40          Lecture on OpenChain Spec 2.0 (A. Watanabe)
15:00 – 15:05          Closing

Learn More About Japan Work Group Activities

OpenChain Japan Work Group Reaches 200 Contributors from 80 Entities

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In October 2020 the OpenChain Japan Work Group reached 200 contributors from 80 entities across 7 work groups. It has been an exceptional two year journey in building out the community.

Everyone is welcome to participate on the mailing lists and meetings. You can get started by visiting the dedicated wiki page listed below.

Learn More About the Japan Work Group

Join The Mailing List

OpenChain @ Line Developer Day 2020 – November 25th at 15:30 JST

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The OpenChain Project will be featured at Line Developer Day 2020 on November 25th, 2020 from 15:30-16:10 JST.

Shane Coughlan, General Manager, will explain the OpenChain standard for open source license compliance, explore its journey from de facto into formal ISO International Standard, and outline how adoption is spreading throughout the global supply chain. A key takeaway will be how OpenChain provides a positive impact on your consumption or deployment of open source software.

Learn More About The Event