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OpenChain Virtual Meeting Support – Open to All

By 2020-11-04Featured

The OpenChain Project has a global community of organizations working together to make open source compliance faster, easier and more effective. We have local work teams in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India and Germany, as well as international work teams covering automotive, reference tooling and education.

With physical meetings on pause due to COVID-19 we are providing enhanced support for remote meetings to our work teams, to organizations and to people who want to make use of remote conferencing. Our Zoom room provides you with video chat for up to 100 people, screen sharing and other features to run meetings, webinars and round tables. There is no cost and there are no restrictions to use as long as the topic is open source compliance.

You can book a meeting at the link below. Each meeting slot is 30 minutes. Priority is for OpenChain meetings, so other compliance discussion bookings may be adjusted if there is overlap. We do not envision this happening often.

Schedule a Meeting

Please note: the organizer or host should schedule a meeting on our system and then invite their attendees separately. Our booking system is just for letting organizers know which slots are available. All meetings have video and audio recorded by our system for potential later review.