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Coming Soon: OpenChain Korea Work Group Meeting #22 – 2024-06-20

By 2024-06-16News

The OpenChain Korea Work Group will host its 22nd regular meeting on the 20th of June at the CJ Talent Training Center in Seoul. As always, everyone is invited to attend a series of talks, case studies and networking sessions designed to support professionals from companies using open source in the business supply chain.


  • 일정: 2024-06-20 (목) 오후2시~5시
  • 장소: CJ 인재원 4층 Auditorium


14:00~14:10Welcome & OpeningCJ
14:10~14:20OpenChain Global UpdateShane Coughlan, Linux Foundation
14:20~14:40OpenChain Korea Update & Subgroup 운영 방안장학성, SK텔레콤
박정숙, ETRI
박원재, LG전자
14:40~15:10CJ 오픈소스 관리시스템 구축 사례성기영, CJ
15:10~15:40Entr’ouvert v. Orange 소송 사례조정년, SK주식회사
16:00~16:30ISO/IEC 18974 오픈소스 보안 표준 준비 현황 공유채진영/김기륜, 삼성SDS
16:30~17:00정부 발표, SBOM 기반 SW공급망 관리 가이드라인 소개박원재, LG전자

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