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OpenChain Monthly North America – Asia Call – 2024-05-21 – Full Recording

By 2024-05-28News

The OpenChain Project held its monthly North America – Asia Call on 2024-05-21. This call is focused on providing an overview of project news, acting as the main space for our Specification Work Group to develop new drafts of our standards, and to allow a recap of important activities from the Education Work Group.

On this call we covered the following issues:

License Compliance

Verification Material For Training – next iteration #38

This issue was closed and the adjustment merged with the draft License Compliance 3.0 specification.

Security Assurance

[Improvement] Expand definitions section for (1) Secure Software Development to include Secure Programming Techniques and (2) Security Testing to include Static and Dynamic #36

The Security Assurance issue was closed but reopened, and therefore is pending finalization on the next call for the draft Security Assurance 2.0 specification.