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Education Work Group Meeting – 2024-02-27 – Full Recording

By 2024-02-29News

During our Education Work Group call this week, we focused on the supplier education leaflet and some recent suggestions from Steve Kilbane to help improve the Revision 2 draft:

We had some great ideas from Steve in a pull request here:

They were broken out into issues and closed on the call:[Improvement] Supplier Leaflet: Steve – This seems very long, overall. I think there’s scope for something much shorter and punchier

[Improvement] Supplier Leaflet: Steve – Should there be a comment about the Biden White House Executive Order, the CRA, demands from regulated industries, etc? 

[Improvement] Supplier Leaflet: Steve – Potential Improvement under “Typical Open Source Licenses”

[Improvement] Supplier Leaflet: Steve – When we’re discussion the info that needs to be provided, should we just refer to NTIA minimum requirements?

[Improvement] Supplier Leaflet: Steve – Not sure whether the reciprocal licenses section should say that it means people can share the modifications, or gain access to the modifications. Or both.