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OpenChain Steering Committee Meeting 2023-12-06 – Full Recording

By 2024-01-08News

The OpenChain Steering Committee is the key mechanism to formally decide on day-to-day matters related to OpenChain standardization. It recently held a meeting and has provided guidance for the OpenChain Specification Work Group and larger community.


In December 2023 the OpenChain Steering Committee reviewed the community work related to proposed updates to ISO/IEC 5230 and ISO/IEC 18974 and provided guidance that:

  • The community-developed update proposals seem reasonable
  • We will extend our Public Comment and Freeze Periods significantly to ensure the supply chain has time to consider the proposed changes
  • The Public Comment period will change from 30 days to 6 months
  • The Freeze Period will change from 14 days to 3 months
  • This will be communicated in an update to FAQ and to our Specification Work Team.
  • In principle, it is suggested that we target updates to our ISO standards once every five years
  • This would suggest the update for ISO/IEC 5230 is likely to be ready for 2025
  • ISO/IEC 18974 may be updated sooner due to a rapidly-moving market, but not at a speed that would hinder adoption of the existing and newly published version

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