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OpenChain Automation Work Group 2023-08-02

By 2023-08-02News

Provisional minutes. Recording below.

(1) We are doing to do a reset of the group to help people engage more, especially with regards bringing back more technical people and technical updates.
(2) First, we use the Sharing Creates Value GitHub repo as the single source of truth for organizing things from now on, including (a) new content, (b) polls for next steps and (c) arranging future meetings.
(3) We move to a new agenda that brings back the emphasis on engineering as follows:
– News (~10 mins?);
– Technical discussions unpacking open source tools etc (~30-40 mins?);
– Update on the meta level (capabilities map) (~10 mins?).
(4) We will also introduce a fix group of chairs (volunteers) to help ensure the meetings are driven forward while not overloading any one person. Redundancy and mutual support is the goal.

  • Seeking a volunteer to help run the 3rd Tuesday of August 🙂
  • Shane can help run both meetings in September.
  • Marcel is going to help run the first meeting in October.

Other items:

Make the Global Calendar clearer – including timezone offsets – so people can use this as the single-source of truth for confirming our call times. Done. See: