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External: SAP’s Outbound Open Source Processes

By 2023-07-21July 25th, 2023News

On a recent InnerSource Commons Community Call there was some informal discussion about outbound processes, and the conversation briefly touched on the Open Source outbound process of SAP.

Here are the public references around SAP’s Outbound Open Source Process:

It is also worth noting that a member of the SAP team is active in TODO Group, so adjacent material like A Guide to Outbound Open Source Software may also be of interest.

On the related topic of compliance tooling, a team at SAP is working on the Open Component Model (, an open source standard for defining extendable machine-readable Software Component descriptors that could be used in compliance automation. This fits neatly into the type of topic covered by the OpenChain Automation Work Group.

Huge thanks to Guilherme Dellagustin for preparing and sharing these links.