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External: Central Abstraction Model as a Single Source of Truth for Compliance and Vulnerability Software with Open Source Approach

By 2023-07-18July 25th, 2023News

This is from one of our board members, Helio at CARIAD, and is a worthy read on the topic. As per the abstract:

The current software compliance landscape relies strongly on de-facto SBOM standards as the correct relevant documents to attest to all the end needs. One consistent issue in the generation of these documents is the data gathering among multiple sources of information, as none of the tools provide everything, the so-called magic silver bullet.

As a solution, a central placement of unique data shared by all tooling would be ideal, but achieving this with multiple tools that do not communicate with each other is highly unlikely an easily solvable task.

The idea of abstracting the SST ( Single Source of Truth ) is to provide a stable contractual interface where the data connection between tooling and storage could be decoupled and used with the discretion of developers and companies’ choice, preventing polarization and hurdles on the platform engineering architecture.

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