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Webinar: Complexities of Open Source in Automotive

By 2023-07-04March 14th, 2024community, licensing, News, security, Webinar

During our recent OpenChain Automotive Event we had some excellent talks. One that we decided to pull out of the main recording and release solo is ‘Complexities of Open Source in Automotive’ by Russ Eling. This type of high level overview is an excellent starting point for people in complex manufacturing industries that want to use our open source standards for licensing and security.

About Russ and OSS Consultants

OSS Consultants is an official OpenChain Partner with decades of experience. Russ at OSS Consultants has offered his time to speak with anyone that has questions about managing use of open source – even if it is as simple as how to get started on your open source journey. Simply send an email to to schedule a time.

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This is OpenChain Webinar #54, released on 2023-07-04.