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OpenChain Automotive Work Group Meeting – Half Year Assessment – Future Market Strategy – 2023-06-14 – Recording

By 2023-06-29News

The OpenChain Automotive Work Group held its half-year assessment meeting to discuss future market strategy on the 14th of June 2023. We had excellent presentations from OSS Consultants, Volvo Cars and Hyundai Motor Corporation. A big thank you Endo San from Toyota, our chair, for organizing this event.

Our Agenda

  1. Complexities of Managing Open Source in Automotive – Russ Eling,
    Founder at OSS Consultants
  2. Lessons learnt in Industry – Christopher Wood, Fellow at Lockheed Martin
  3. Volvo Cars’ OSPO – Mary Wang, Director of Open Source Ecosystem at
    Volvo Cars
  4. Hyundai Motor Group Open Source Compliance – SongHa Back at Hyundai
    Motors IP team 2

The Full Recording