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OpenChain Webinar #53 – OpenSCA – 2023-06-29 at 08:00 UTC / 10:00 CEST / 16:00 CST / 17:00 KST + JST

By 2023-06-23News

Our 53rd Webinar will highlight a new open source tool for open source compliance and security that originates in China. This tool has been created by a company called XMIRROR. The open source CLI offers SPDX support, so may be of immediate interest to tooling communities around the world, particularly from the perspective of integration with open source tooling frontend solutions.

As always, everyone is invited to attend. No registration necessary. Join via this link:

From The XMIRROR Team:

OpenSCA is an Open Source project that could steadily and flexibly offer SCA (Software Composition Analysis) ability and aware users of all open source component assets and risks introduced. The community aims at constructing a low-cost, compatible and extensible solution to open source security in joint efforts.