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OpenChain Newsletter #54

By 2023-05-31January 30th, 2024Monthly Newsletter, News

​ Newsletter – Issue 54 – May 2023

The OpenChain Newsletter provides a monthly summary of our work. It contains an overview of what we are doing to build trust around license compliance and security in the open source supply chain. We accept suggestions and ideas. Feel free to mail us at any time.

This edition of the newsletter was created and shared by Qiuyue Qi of OpenSCA, and we provide our thanks for the contribution!

Main News

Let’s welcome CARIAD to the board and NORDEMANN as a new partner:


The OpenChain Project has joined NLnet Software Supply Chain Webinar Series, and also presented at GOTC and OSCAR in China.

Additionally, we held a mini-summit at the Linux Foundation Open Source Summit North America:

Case Study

There is a case study for people who are interested in AI topics:


OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230 now has Wikipedia page in Spanish:

A CC0 version of Specification 3.0 is available:

We have updated OpenChain Conformance Badges, and added new mascots to the community.

For June, overview presentations have been released.


Education and legal work groups had regular meetings:

Check our monthly meeting below:


The OpenChain Project has been featured at ‘Efficient IP management in a market increasingly using open source’ on IAM.

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