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New OpenChain Mascots – Keeping The Community Fun

By 2023-05-26News

Eagle-eyed members of the community will have noticed new mascots appearing gradually over the last couple of weeks around the OpenChain Project material and events. These new mascots for 2023 have been created by Soim Kim of the OpenChain Korea Work Group, and represent a new way to add a playful feel to community outreach. The basic concept is pretty simple: around open source people often use penguins (like we have done for the past five years), but what about all the other wonderful creatures from cold climates? Snow foxes, polar bears and so many more? Well… OpenChain is here to the rescue. We are featuring them all! Over time it is hoped that we can build our new friends in various different poses to help make sure they offer great support to all that we do.

In the near term you will find them in plenty of variants already, and you can expect to see stickers, mugs, t-shirts and many more things appearing at events and at our work group meetings in the coming months. You can download our new images and play with them via the OpenChain GitHub repo for image assets:

Naturally you can still use our traditional penguins too. These dear friends are part of our history and have provided a splash of color to all sorts of slides, handouts and other material.

You will always find them in the image assets repo as well:

The OpenChain Project community is an amazing place. We do a lot of corporate outreach, planning and execution. But we also do a lot of community meetings, events and workshops. Balancing our day-to-day work requirements and the additional opportunities for personal and professional networking is part of our DNA.