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External: OpenChain Partner Flags Some Interesting AI Hallucinations Around Open Source Licenses

By 2023-04-27News

Dr. Andreas Kotulla over at BitSea has flagged some interesting concerns when using ChatGPT to talk about open source licenses. While a conversation about open source licenses in China correctly identified the Mulan Permissive Software License, other Chinese “licences [discussed by ChatGPT] seem to come from ChatGPT’s pure imagination!”

From his research:

China is playing an increasingly important role in the open source world. Especially for globally active companies with their own software development, it is worth taking a look at the Far Eastern market. But caution is advised in research efforts: Those who trust in the help of artificial intelligence should be prepared for misjudgements. In my blog, I show by example what can happen or what should be taken into account when software like ChatGPT is supposed to provide support in this still young field of research.

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