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OpenChain Legal Work Group – 2023-04-25

By 2023-04-26News

The first meeting of the Legal Work Group took place on the 25th of April 2023. We explored model provisions for including OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230 and OpenChain ISO/IEC DIS 18974 (and potentially other standards) in procurement contracts or similar material.

The goal is to ensure people can understand options. We will not be prescriptive and these model provisions will remain part of the OpenChain reference material. They will not be included in the standards themselves.

The call started by looking at model provisions done before via the Risk Grid:

The document, under public domain, has been moved to the OpenChain GitHub for ease of access and editing:

Our outcome was to use this basic format as a way to structure our first round of model provisions, and to have the option of merging the documents in the future.

Full Recording

Some Post-Call Outcomes

Risk Grid Version 11 (last published version) is now fully translated to MarkDown:

Risk Grid Version 12 has been created to help set the template for our adjacent work on model language for ISO/IEC 5230 and ISO/IEC DIS 18974. This document needs review:

This is a continuation of the risk grid that:
– makes a first attempt to reorder the issues based on their granularity – highest first and;
– adds the issue title to the issue number for ease of navigation and;
– merges the Commentary and Comments fields to reduce redundancy.

This version removes issue numbers because the titles replace the numbering, and it avoids long term issues with quotations of different issue numbers across different versions of the risk grid.