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Coming Soon: OpenChain Germany Work Group Meeting – 2023-03-30

By 2023-02-27News

The next OpenChain Germany Work Group meeting will be held online on Thursday 30 March 2023, from 09:00 to 11:00 CET. The meeting will be held under Chatham House conditions to ensure frank discussion. Big thanks to PwC for arranging and hosting us once again.

The preliminary agenda of the next online meeting is as follows:

  1. Global compliance market briefing (OpenChain)
  2. German market insights (PwC/all)
  3. Case study 1 – security market briefing
  4. Case study 2 – state of tooling in open-source automation
  5. Report on the SBOM situation

Join us for the opportunity to share knowledge, take part in frank discussion and network with German players in the Open Source world. To register for this event, please click “Registration” in the menu above

Registration is open until 29 March 2023. We’ll send you an email with further information as soon as you’ve registered for the event, followed by your login details at a later date.