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OpenChain OSPO Subgroup Meeting / TODO Local Meetup Minutes – 2023-02-17

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  • Participants:
    • Owada, Daikoku, Fukuchi, Endo, Shima, Suzuki, Oyagi, Kobota, Koizumi, Motai, Watanabe, Kato, Hayashi, Kuwata
  • Date:
    • Friday, February 17, 2023 15: 00 -16: 00
  • Location:
    • Online


  • We would create an equally short and easy to understand FAQ to help creating OSPO and running
  • reference: OSS License FAQ Created by OpenChain Japan WG
  • ◇Future activities
    • Second Friday: OSS Strategy & OSS Hosting / Leader Motai
    • Fourth Friday: OSPO Launch & FAQ / Leader Owada
  • ◇Action
    • Future activities listed above will be disclosed on the LF Event site (Kuwata)
    • Sharing GGI materials ( Koizumi, Kobota)
    • From now on, the meeting rules will be explained at the beginning of the meeting.


  • ◇OSPO launch at a company and OSS document structure summary
    • a state of thirst for expert know-how, opinion, and advice
    • The OSS Licensing Institute site is useful
    • The problems that will be encountered during the OSPO startup phase,
    • I’d be happy if you could give me a Q & A or something.
  • C) Some come from OpenChain,
    • What OpenChain policy can’t do, it gets it out of the lab
    • I doubt if I can say that the FAQ collection is for OSPO.
  • Q) Do you want answers specifically tailored to your company?
    • Either you want a general answer or
  • A) There are companies that offer support,
    • Some companies get support from C-class people, but software development takes a different form if the company is a small part of the business, so I want to know the case
  • C)If it’s the former, I think other people might want it,
    • I thought the latter was a new point of view.
  • C) The former is close to what you once suggested on Lightning Talk.
  • C) You might want to join OpenChain
  • C) It would be nice to have a forum to mainly discuss how to set up OSPO.
  • C) Know-how to set up OSPO, in favor of creating best practices
    • I doubt if it can be compiled into a beautiful document, but I agree with the challenge of compiling it into an FAQ.
  • C) It is interesting to use a brief, FAQ as an example.
    • The TODO line has a lot of long sentences.
    • It’s interesting to challenge yourself to put it all together in a short sentence.
  • C) The checklist attached to the translated GGI may be close
  • C) I think the words that speak of OSPO go off on their own and think of different things in each.
    • It would be interesting if we could converge and go, it would help to create a common understanding.
  • C) If we can put it together, it will be useful when we explain to the high officials in each company.
  • Q) Do you do FAQs by format, or do you argue and then summarize?
  • A) How to extract Q first and then make a sentence before PPT
  • Q) Classified as OSPO launch and strategic use, OSPO launch?
  • C) If it’s about OSPO, it doesn’t have to be limited to the launch
  • C) Wouldn’t it be that from being able to answer “yes” and “no” easily, it would become a Q that simply can’t be answered when strategy and other things get higher?
  • C) OSPO activities come and go on stage with the same agenda
  • C) Every organization has its own OSPO, but it’s worth trying
  • C) I think we can make good things if we shape what we say in writing and discuss it again.
  • Q) Are we talking about giving GGI feedback?
  • A) We’re talking about a challenge to step away from GGI and try to sort through the FAQ
  • C) a good challenge to try because it’s easy to get started
  • C) There are some sentences in terms of the stance to be taken after the systematization of Europe, but I think it would be good to complement each other if we take the Japanese stance and approach.

■future plan

  • OSS Business strategy area
  • OSS hosting area
  • C) First, I wanted to know how many people wanted to do it.
  • So far, four have raised their hands.
  • C) Wouldn’t it be better to divide the first and second half of the month by themes?
  • Q) Is it not necessary to make a summary by adding only the month of reporting?
  • A) You don’t have to get together to report, the organizer just has to report in English once every three months what you could do in Japan.
  • C) It is better to decide who will read each.
  • C) Week 2 OSS Strategy & Hosting / Leader Motai
  • C) Week 4: OSPO launch / Leader Owada

★Publish the above to the LF Event site

  • C) Sharing Materials (Daikoku)
  • C) GGI materials also shared (Mr. Koizumi, Mr. Kobota)