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OpenChain Monthly Community Call – 2022-11-01

By 2022-11-03News

The most recent OpenChain Monthly Community Call took place on November 1st, following our usual First Tuesday schedule. This is our monthly call with a bias towards supporting participation from North America / Europe. We have a Third Tuesday call for North America / Asia. You can check out our schedule for this and all other events on the global calendar:

See below for the recording and slides.

Key Outcomes
(1) Certification support for our license and security specifications continues to grow
(2) We are starting the editing cycle for the next generation of both specifications
(3) This does not impact adoption – ETA for both updates is 2024
(4) But you have a chance to help shape them and can easily participate on GitHub, via these lists, and every month on our calls
(5) Meanwhile, education work group is busy with a ton of material to review
(6) And other areas of our project (like automation) are also doing great work
(7) During our monthly calls from November onward we will be doing critical live editing
(8) Your voice is welcome

Formal Agenda
1 Introductions 
2 Specification (process standards) news 
3 SBOM news
4 OSPO news
5 Automation news 
6 Community feedback and comments – issues for standards and core supporting material
7 Community feedback and comments – issues for reference and supporting material
8 Community feedback and comments – issues to support other projects
9 Any other business
10 Close of meeting

Full Recording