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OpenChain Automotive Mini-Summit 11th November 2022 – UTC: 07:00~08:00 (JST: 16:00~17:00)

By 2022-10-31News

The OpenChain Automotive Work Group will host its next meeting as a virtual event on the 11th of November between 16:00-17:00 JST (2022-11-11 07:00 UTC). Everyone is welcome. This event will be an important taste of what we expect to do around the automotive supply chain in 2023.

Join us without registration here:


  1. Introductions by Endo-san(Toyota)
  2. Automotive and OSS news in 2022 by Endo-san (Toyota)
  3. Developments in OpenChain by Shane-san (OpenChain)
    – Security Assurance Spec entering ISO
    – License Compliance Spec entering review in October
    – Company Playbooks (Small, Medium, Big)
    – New conformance support (online, checklists)
  4. SBOM Discussion by Watanabe-san, Ito-san, Endo-san, Shane-san
    – Introduction of SBOM by Watanabe-san (Hitachi Solutions)
    – Standardization of SBOM by Ito-san (Renesas Electronics)
    – Discussion about Implementation of SBOM in the industry
  5. Discussion: Next steps of Automotive WG by all
  6. Close of meeting

Our Key Speakers:

Questions and comments very welcome! You can contact us and also contribute to all our activities via the OpenChain Automotive Work Group mailing list: