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Behind-The-Scenes: Working On MarkDown in Our Reference Library

By 2022-10-06News

The OpenChain Project has a lot of meetings being run by various work groups around the world. We constantly share the outcomes of these meetings in recordings throughout our community, but today we wanted to do something a little different. Let’s dig into a whole workflow through a recent three-part call to action around MarkDown in our reference library.

Our goal was to create a workflow to allow us to transition over time from many, many different file formats to a single, easy to edit and easy to translate file format for our reference material. This would never cover 100% of the material we share, but it could cover a lot, and it would make both contributions and tracking changes a lot easier.

The calls were a success, and ended not only in the guidelines we wanted, but also in providing a core project resource in the new format (our self-certification questionnaire) and facilitating the quick alteration of that document into a new format (our new self-certification checklist).

Learn about precisely how we did it in these three videos recording our calls.