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OpenChain Call to Action: Markdown Series Ends with Substantial Progress

By 2022-10-05News

The OpenChain Call to Action series dedicated to break-outs focusing on migrating our reference library to markdown has come to an end. We have seen substantial progress on our goal of ensuring long-term maintainability of the resource library, and in converting key resources into markdown to get us started.

Firstly, you will find updated instructions about our repository here:

Secondly, you will find contribution guidelines here:

And finally you will find a rolling priority list of resources to be converted here:

The first major outcome of our activity has been completed with the release of the ISO/IEC 5230 self-certification questionnaire in markdown format here:

This allowed us to quickly explore a new structure and build a self-certification checklist here:

Your help in reviewing this material, in converting new material and in suggesting improvements to our processes is always welcome. We are now turning this activity over to the Education Work Group, and you will find that here: