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OpenChain Telco Meetings 2022-02-03

By 2022-02-04February 7th, 2022News

You will find the recordings and the slides below this text.

As a short update to all of you, I have taken the action point to put together a short Charter/work item tracker document for us. It also serves as an informal MoM from yesterdays meeting summarizing the discussions we had and where we currently stand on some of the issues. As soon as I figure out where we should upload that I will do so and invite you all to participate in editing the document. We have some clear actions from yesterday’s meetings that I hope we can work together on in the coming weeks until our next meeting. 

On the very top of that list is to look at SPDX and its different “modules” to determine what level of granularity is needed in the telco environment. As was also pointed out in the meetings we need to grow our community to include more members from the CSP side. I think that once we have our charter uploaded that becomes easier as it helps us explain what we are about. Getting the requirements from all parts of the supply chain as well as understanding the capabilities to deliver to those requirements is clearly key for success here.

Jimmy Ahlberg, Chair of the Telecommunications Work Group

Morning CET Meeting:

Afternoon CET Meeting:

The Slides:

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