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CP1 Associates is the Latest OpenChain Conformant Organization

By 2020-07-01News

CP1 Associates is the latest OpenChain Conformant organization. This is a UK-based company with an extensive history in the use of open source.

“CP1 provides consultancy and CIO services to organizations across the UK,” says Chris Puttick, Founder of CP1 Associates. “As with most companies, we make extensive use of open source, and adoption of the OpenChain standard for open source compliance helps both to ensure we have the key requirements for such a program in place and harmonization with the larger global software community.”

“Companies like CP1 Associates are an extremely important part of the OpenChain ecosystem,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “One of the key tenants of our industry standard is that it is equally applicable and useful to small organizations and multinational conglomerates. As we finalize our ISO publication, functionally identical to the current OpenChain standard, we are seeking to underline this fact in the simplest, most practical way: adoption.”

“It’s great news that CP1 has become part of the OpenChain conformant family,” says Andrew Katz, Moorcrofts. “It shows that OpenChain is flexible enough that the specification can be adopted by smaller companies, and puts CP1 in pole position when it comes to pitching for work from the growing roster of international companies who are seeking OpenChain conformance as a key factor in appointing their suppliers.”

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