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OpenChain Automotive Workshop @ CES 2020

By 2020-01-08January 21st, 2020News

The OpenChain Automotive Work Group is holding a workshop at CES 2020. It takes place between 18:30 and 21:00 on the 9th of January at the ‘St. Croix B’ room in The Mirage Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas.

This will be a great opportunity to meet some of the people behind the global growth of our industry standard, and to share knowledge about how open source governance works in the automotive space. The attendees and speakers will include some of the people central to this field. Whether you are seasoned or you are new, this is the right room to enter.


  • Russell Eling (Automotive OSS Compliance Specialist)
  • Yuichi Kusakabe  (Denso Ten)
  • Nicholas Weinstock (Qualcomm)
  • Masato Endo (Toyota)

How to Attend

Just show up! All welcome, as always!