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Microsoft Open Source Blog: Microsoft announces OpenChain 2.0 conformance for open source

By 2019-12-12News

David Rudin over at Microsoft has written a great blog post unpacking how and why OpenChain Conformance was important to his company. Check out some highlights below and do take a moment to read the full post over at Microsoft’s official Open Source Blog.

Trust is key to open source. Developers should be able to trust users to respect their licensing choices. And when you receive software, you should be able to trust that the open source licenses were followed. The OpenChain Project plays an important role in building trust by setting standards that define how to operate a high-quality open source compliance program. It means that when you receive open source from a company that follows the OpenChain standard, you can be assured that the code went through a rigorous license compliance process. You can trust it.

At Microsoft we’re continually working with the community to help build and enhance trust in open source. When we first started working with OpenChain, our goal was to help develop a specification that could meet the compliance needs of the entire open source community – from the single developer to the largest enterprise. And today we’re happy to announce that Microsoft is now OpenChain 2.0 conformant.

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