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OpenChain Experiment: Automated Talk Transcript – Russ from GM

By 2019-12-11News

We have a terrific amount of activity in the OpenChain Project. A lot happens around our calls, where we often record audio and video, but we occasionally get asked for other formats too. Time and resources prohibit us from transcribing calls but there are some avenues to explore. Our conference provider offers automated transcriptions and today – for the first time – we are exploring how these may be shared with the community.

There are errors in the documents. We are providing a PDF and a Word document, the former for quick review, the latter to contribute fixes. Our goal is to test offering a new way to catch up on what happened. We are particularly interested in seeing if this provides utility to non-native English speakers.

Our test release is a transcript of Russ from GM – First Monday November – talking about how open source works in the US automotive space.

Quick Read (PDF)

Edit and Fix (DOCX)


What release an imperfect transcript?

Because our community might find it useful.

Shouldn’t the project focus on excellence and avoid releasing documents with typographical errors?

We are an open project with a global community. We work hard to make all of our official documentation clear, simple and free of errors. However, we also have a lot of other material, such as these automated transcripts, and we are experimenting with providing access.

Who would find this useful?

Non-native English speakers who may have difficulty understanding spoken English. Written English, even imperfect written English, may be useful.

Where do I send feedback?