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PwC supports OpenChain Self-Certification with Independent Compliance Assessment

By 2019-10-14November 20th, 2019News

Today PwC Germany ( announces support for OpenChain Conformance activities in companies across all sectors.

The OpenChain Project provides robust Self-Certification to showcase compliance with OpenChain Specification, the industry standard for open source compliance. However, Self-Certification may not always be optimal for organizations with limited experience in open source or those needing to minimize the potential for conflicts of interest via reports from an independent external auditor.
PwC and other auditing organizations are working to acknowledge these market requirements and to build further trust in OpenChain Conformance through two approaches:

• PwC supports organizations, providing operational excellence, guidance and reviews setting up required processes, guidelines and policies for an OpenChain Conformance program. 

• PwC audits organizations’ OpenChain Conformance program as an external independent auditor and reports against the OpenChain Specification in a formal international reporting format and attestation. This provides trust in OSS management especially in the supply chain. 

Through integration of third-party assessors and advisory firms in the OpenChain community, a platform is created to further enable the industry-wide acceptance of the OpenChain standard which is very valuable especially for supply chains.