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OpenChain Tooling Work Group Meeting #3 – Outcomes, September 18th 2019

By 2019-09-30October 9th, 2019News

The minutes are below. The slides discussed during the meeting are presented here as well for reference.

1. Update on the agenda
There will be no sw360antenna presentation in this meeting. The presentation will be done in the next meeting

2. News
Oliver gave an overview about “what happened since last meeting”

3. Reference slides
Comments made by Frances are incorporated. Alexios proposed to add a note in the lower left box explaining that this is an example picture -> headline added. Peter suggested to add the mailing list subscription page and to improve the layout of the lower right box. -> done. Alexios proposed to be more explicit that there is world-wide collaboration and a world wide availability (upper right box) –> done. World map was updated
The glossary and the component landscape will be aligned with the big picture functional blocks –> cross check done – big picture partly updated, issue planned regarding glossary

3. User Stories
Overview of the – Oliver explained that this epic should be seen as an abstract description that shall serve as a base for more detailed user stories. Marcel and Peter will check what user stories they can contribute